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Our Story

The Lippman family empowers children in Cambodia

After a decade of supporting Cambodian children in Siem Reap, Marie and Harley Lippman created Bright Minds in 2015, a center under the NGO Follow Your Dreams and under the supervision of the Cambodian Minister of Education near Phnom Penh. Its purpose is to foster empowerment through education and alleviate poverty. Bright Minds is home to 20 children, 10 boys and 10 girls, ranging from 5 years-old to 18 years-old. At the center, the boys and girls live in two dorms and have the opportunity to study in the library, in the computer room or in the garden. The children can also relax and fish by to the river next to the center.


Giving Back

Marie and Harley Lippman are committed to remaining involved in the children's lives for many years to come. They are invested in funding Bright Minds in Phnom Penh where they assist the children with their education through college. And, they are also supporting  Association of Cambodia Child First in Siem Reap by providing the teaching of the English language to the local children, as well as supporting them with weekly food distribution.

Our Family Team

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Marie Lippman

Nina Lippman

Adam Lippman

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